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Nationally Accredited - NEW INDUSTRY COURSE
Drug & Alcohol Screening Officer Training Course 

(HLTPAT005 Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing)

This course replaces HLTPAT304D Collect pathology specimens other than blood


NEW 2019



RTO #91700

Re-accredit with us via distance learning for only $440pp.
Renew your qualification to ensure you maintain industry currency.

  Enrol today and get started straight away! 

COURSE UPDATED to meet the new Oral Fluid Standard

AS/NZS 4760:2019 released March 11th, 2019.

Does the course conform to the Australian
Standards requirements?


Onsite Diagnostics' Nationally Accredited HLTPAT005 Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing course has been developed to address legislative requirements for drug testing & alcohol testing in accordance with the following Australian Standards:


AS/NZS 4308-2008 Procedures for specimen collection and the detection and quantitation of drugs of abuse in urine


AS/NZS 4760-2019 Procedures for specimen collection and the detection and quantitation of drugs in oral fluid


AS3547 Breath Alcohol Testing Devices 


In accordance with OH&S requirements all drug & alcohol testing officers are required to hold a Statement of Attainment in accordance with the Australian Quality Training Framework under the definition of 'Collector' in the relevant Australian Standards.


The unit HLTPAT005 Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing'  is a comprehensive pathology based training course provided in laymans terms, available via both distance/online learning or via classroom training.


What is the course content?


The learning program is designed to ensure correct procedures are followed when performing onsite drug tests & alcohol breath tests and preparing & packaging a drug or alcohol test specimen for laboratory testing, and specifically covers:


1       Introduction
2       Drug types and their effects
3       Review of Australian Standards
4       Drug testing methods
5       Arranging a drug test
6       Drug testing equipment types
         (urine drug test cups & saliva drug tests)
7       Confirmatory testing at the laboratory
8       Chain-of-custody requirements
9       Drug Test integrity
10     Conducting a urine drug test
11     Conducting and oral fluid drug test
12     Breathalyser basics
13     Conducting and recording a breath alcohol test

What Employment Pathways are available?


Employment pathways include working in drug and alcohol testing at mine sites, transport depots, large industrial sites, medical centres and other workplaces or environments where the need for drug and alcohol screening has been identified as a Workplace Health and Safety requirement.


Where is the training conducted?


In order to allow flexibility and convenience for work-places and their employees we offer this course via distance learning.

You will have access to a qualified drug & alcohol testing officer/assessor over the phone who will assist you with any questions you have during your training. There is no classroom component required for distance learning.


A comprehensive training pack will be sent to you which includes drug testing equipment, student workbook and access to our online training portal.


What are the course fees and duration?


Distance Learning $760 per person - 8-9 hours of private study.

Study at your own pace, complete the online modules, your written assessment and practical assessment in your own time. Then send your assessments to us for marking. There is no classroom component required.


Classroom training - 1 day program of 8-9 hours + lunch break (for companies with multiple people requiring training). We will attend your site and provide training.

For Classroom Training at your workplace the cost varies, please contact us for a quote.


On completion of the course participants will be issued with a 'Statement of Attainment' allowing them to work as Nationally Accredited drug & alcohol screening officers in a workplace environment.


Further course information is available on the Enrolment Form which you may download on the left side of the page.

Call 1300 667 107 for further enrolment information.


A study kit with course materials will be sent to you upon enrolment for the distance learning option.


HLTPAT005 is the Industry Standard drug and alcohol testing course and is a premium level course in the drug and alcohol testing industry - beware of courses that are not prepared in line with this industry standard training unit as they are not necessarily up to date, not pathology based and may not provide you with the materials and information to gain a comprehensive understanding of drug & alcohol testing procedures.


Your results and procedure may therefore not hold up in a Court of Law.

Beware of RTOs running HLTPAT005 as a half day class as most of the essential information is missed out.

Course codes not in line with Industry Standard HLTPAT005 include:

10440NAT, ODTSCS001A, HLTPAT410D, QLD course codes eg.  31002QLD, 30681QLD, 30538QLD, 30410QLD, 30435 QLD and other organisations that rave about their course yet fail to provide ANY course code on their website.

We inform you of this because many students come to us with the above certificates yet still don't know the basics of how to perform the testing and collection correctly, leaving themselves and their workplace open to litigation.

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