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Below are product usage and information videos for the Onsite Oral Fluid Drug and Alcohol Test and the Eco Cup Urine Drug and Alcohol Test.

The features and key points of each product are explained to ensure you get the most out of our products and test with confidence.

Oral Fluid (saliva) Drug & Alcohol Test Usage and Information.

Are you using the correct drug test 'Chain-of-Custody' accessories?

Under Australian Standards AS/NZS4308:2008 & AS4760:2006  test integrity is extremely important and can mean the difference between your results holding up in a court of law or not.

Maintain test integrity and ensure no contamination takes place during the testing process by using the correct PPE and biohazard containment products.


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Eco Cup Urine Drug & Alcohol Test Usage and Information.

Nationally Accredited - Industry Standard
Drug & Alcohol Screening Officer
Training Course

HLTPAT005 Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing.

Nationally Accredited Certified Drug & Alcohol Screening Officer training is available to ensure onsite drug screening personnel are correctly trained to use and administer drug tests under Australian Standards 4308:2008 & 4760:2006 and alcohol testing using an AS3547 approved breathalyser. This course has been developed to assist our clients in adhering to new legislative changes.

Available via classroom and distance learning.

For further details please see our training page.

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