Onsite Saliva Swipe 5 - 1 x Single Test

Detects 5 drugs under Australian Standard AS4760:2006 plus an extra strip for Meth (ice).

The Onsite Saliva Swipe 5 oral fluid drug screening test is the latest oral fluid test on the market today. A compact all-in-one saliva drug test without the need for separate collection sponge or test chamber. Similar design to the old Oratect III saliva test product.

The ideal test choice when ‘current impairment’ screening is required.


AMP 50 ng/mL (Amphetamine)

MET 50 ng/mL (Methamphetamine) Ice aka Crystal Meth
COC 50 ng/mL (Cocaine)
OPI 50 ng/mL (Opiates)
THC (Parent) 25 ng/mL (Marijuana)


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Onsite Saliva Swipe 5 - 1 x Single Test

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